CODI Matcher

codi logo Welcome to the online interface of the ontology matcher CODI (Combinatorial Optimization of Data Integration). CODI provides a declarative framework for the alignment of concepts and properties of two heterogeneous ontologies. CODI leverages both logical schema information and lexical similarity measures with a well-defined semantics for T-Box matching. The alignments are computed by solving corresponding combinatorial optimization problems. We refer to for further information.

About This Service

Please note that the maximal overall runtime is 3 hours per request. If your matching problem requires more than three hours to be solved, the execution is cancelled.

This service is run on a Dual Core virtual machine with 8 GB ram. Please note that due to resource restrictions we run more than this service on the same machine. Thus, runtimes might vary.

Rest Interface

Programmers can also access our service via rest interface. A description of the required API parameters and a demo client is available here.